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AMG & Partners for investment and project management is one of the leading companies in quarrying, drilling and blasting as well as consultancy in several countries. Since our establishment over 14 years ago, we have successfully participated in various developments within the line of our expertise and the satisfaction of the clients and highest standard requirements of the projects.


The company's reputation rests in its know-how in:

Drilling: Accurate drilling.

Blasting: Smooth blasting and best fragmentation.

Quarrying: Full capacity production with lower cost.

Consultancy: Plan, Support & Follow up.

Maintenance: Expertise in hydraulics, mechanics and electricity.




Blastico is a member of AMG & Partners specialized in earth moving, drilling, blasting, equipment and consultancy. On top of consultancy we supply for our customers machineries ( mobile crushers, excavators, loaders, drills, cranes etc....) for short and long term contracts we are committed to making a constructive impact on society as we produce benefits for the communities ,customers and employees .

Bring value into your business with rapid development .

Our expertise in earth moving allow us to follow up the whole process in all applications:

- Excavation
- Drilling
- Blasting
- Loading
- Transportation
- Crushing
- Designing

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